Terry Lin ONE take, ONE love, ONE life World Tou Date: Nov. 16th, 2013 Venue: Beijing MasterCard Center

ONE take Terry Lin 1314 World Tour Concert
This year's most high-profile voice
From this moment the most do not miss the concert
"I am the singer" just listen to 9 songs is not fun?
Only seen TV shows, radio network video, songs, called heard Terry Lin??
"ONE take Terry Lin 1314 World Tour Concert"
Million top audio equipment
More than 25 people live band
Come first on the list of top musicians gathered all of Asia Group, the large sum of concert director, lighting, sound engineer
In recent years, never before seen together create top music feast
All for one of the most simple idea: nature music the most sincere, the most can move the most heart
LIVE king, bel canto singer, one of the three most beautiful voice of Taiwan,
Born for the song singer, for you are the voice of Terry Lin
He will use the most charming ONEtake once you bring nearly 30 songs the most touching songs!
At the same time, Terry Lin will also be in every tour self challenge, in the synchronous record a live live works, you, is a part of classical works!
ONE take Terry Lin 1314 world tour concert every station,
Let Terry Lin use the most beautiful songs, the most beautiful music, accompany you. One's whole life...


The singer:
Terry Lin, a famous singer, music producer. As a clear and beautiful voice is music, and Chyi Yu Cai Qin, known as "Taiwan's three most beautiful voice"; the real audio conversion techniques live strong capability and smooth and no scar, enable it to have "live king", "Bel Canto singer" reputation.
In 1991, he and Li Ji combined "debut Youke Li Lin" form, fresh and natural and very humanistic color folk style win support among the people, has published 8 pieces of English album, a record annual best sales success in Taiwan, 2 degrees at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, become Chinese happy altar's most successful boy band one.
Terry Lin joined the Sony records in 1996 solo. And the establishment of EC music Co. Ltd. in 2000 after becoming independent music. He advocates a return to music essence, for the pursuit of music quality and adhere to the album using analog recording method, and 5 degrees at the Taiwan Golden Melody awards.
In 2004 launched the "true" live album Zhi Xuan, Terry Lin was committed to the "one take" concept advocacy, and has launched a live recording album "clean" and "the sound of 2 one take", became the first person in forming a recording of Chinese music.